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7/20/2019 : 10:07 am : +0200

Fire protection fittings

Early on we turned our attention to the growing fire protection requirements in the railway industry. Based on your specifications, we develop and produce fire-protection compliant interior doors and partition walls.

  • Customisation and new development also for small batch production
  • Customer service throughout the project and aftersales services


Sliding doors for interior and end walls

  • Double and single doors
  • Aluminium doors, fire resistance up to 15 minutes
  • Steel doors, fire resistance up to 30 minutes
  • Fire-resisting glass G30
  • Automatic and manual operator
  • Automatic door closure

Compartment partition walls

  • Integrated sliding door
  • In case of fire, door closes automatically or by remote initiation
  • Spring closing pressure can be bypassed manually
  • Modular system with easy installation


  • Hinged door and sliding door
  • Low heat transfer coefficients
  • Fire-resisting glass G30
  • Modular system with easy installation

 Fire protection fittings (german)


Vadim Lange
(Head of design for interior door systems / partition walls)

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E-mail: dowaldwerke(at)dowaldwerke.de

We advise and support you throughout the project and provide you with training, maintenance and servicing.


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